What is Our Service ?

  1. Performing Arts
  • Dance  
    • Modern
    • Traditional
  • Music
    • Arumba
    • Angklung
    • Modern Music
    • Traditional Music
    • GI Percussions
  1. Organizer
  • Special Event
  • Wedding Organizer

We’ll become your partner to make sure your event success beautifully. We’ll do the rundown, technical meeting, vendor, time management, and we’ll help even your little needs on your events.”


Experiences ?

Experiences from attend a lot of event.  that cover up almost everything event. Making the concept, budgeting, scheduling, assistance, and appointment behalf yours.

  • Local event
  • Special Event
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Wedding Party
    • Family Gathering, etc.
  • International
    • Festival
    • Special Event, etc.


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